Yes, this is the final decision made on 27th June. After rejection from IITs, HRD has decided that Class 12th marks will not have any weightage in preparing the merit list for admission to IITs in 2013 and beyond. Inclusion of class 12th marks for merit list and admission to IITs was the primary point of contention between IITs and HRD ministry. Majority of IIT faculty and alumni were against the idea of using class 12th board marks as the quality and assessment of board examinations are not in control of IITs. Also, different board examination in India have different syllabus and difficulty levels. Thus, IITs were not happy with the proposed normalization process suggested by the HRD during their meeting on 28th May.

Earlier, HRD announced that the final merit list for admission to engineering program will be combined scores of Class 12th board examination and common admission test. However, the weightage for common admission test was decided to be as 60%. In that case the board examination marks would have constituted 40% of total score.

Now, class 12th marks will only be used for eligibility criteria for admission to IITs in 2013. Only top 20% students in their board examinations will be eligible for merit list for admission to IITs. However, merit lst will be based on performance in JEE ADVANCED test only.

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  • mishantbatar says:

    what the mean top 20 PRENSTIAL IN 12th bord

  • nishantbatar says: 20%studant in bord exam.

  • SIDDHARTH says:

    I have got 81.6 % in CBSE XII this year . Can i appear in 2013 IIT MAIN and ADVANCE in 2013.? Please reply.

  • Shaurya gupta says:

    I have got 81.4% in 12th 2012.tell me that i am selected in top 20% merit list.

  • venkateswarlu says:

    The present system of ISEET is confusing among IITs. My suggestion is as follows.
    1. Let divide each subject (Maths, physics, chemistry) into 30 chapters.
    2. Select 2000 questions (problems)in each chapter in each subject.
    3. Here we have 60,000 questions (problems) in each subject.
    4. All these questions and solutions will be framed by IITs (even NITs) and put them in website.
    5. During exam, computer will randomly select each question from each chapter. So we have 30 questions in each subject and carry 30×4=120 marks in each subject.
    6. Based on the marks obtained in three subjects, declare All India ranks and state level ranks to the candidates.
    7. Only one exam is sufficient to test the knowledge of the candidate.
    8. The question paper should be made into 100 sets (00 to 99) where questions are different from different set of question paper i.e computer will select 100 questions from each chapter in each subject. This will avoid mass copying in classroom.
    9. Each district head quarters will be selected as examination centre and place all the students belonging into that district into this exam centre. This will avoid travel expenses to the candidate.
    10. Student has to answer 90 questions so 90×3=270 minutes time should be given to the candidate to answer. So 4 hrs time should be given to the exam. Hence start the exam at 12-00 and end at 4-00PM. This time is convenient to the student to reach the exam hall from their house.
    11. In my opinion, if a candidate is thorough with these 3×60000=180,000 questions is expertise in the subjects.
    12. Initially we proceed with these 180000 questions and in mean time IITs will add more questions in coming years according to their wish.
    13. Presently, there is no need to add +2 marks in giving the ranks. This can be done if all boards in india will implement these 180000 questions in their exam pattern where the answers are in essay type whereas in ISEET it is objective type.
    14. If students are aware of these 180000 questions with solutions, then there is no need to go to coaching centres and it will reduce the burdon on the students. It will take 2 years for the students to understand these questions.

  • vicky jha says:

    sir i m appering for iseet 2013 bt till now i do not have any idea will the iseet be there or there will some other cet type test?????

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