ISEET will change the way of admission to engineering across the country. Class 12th board marks will have a significant amount of weightage in admission process. From 2013, ISEET will replace Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) for all the IITs and AIEEE for all IIITs and many deemed universities. However, not all states have agreed to a common entrance examination for their state sponsored engineering colleges. Also, all the states have different difficulty/assessment criteria for class 12th which will require a different weightage for different scores.

In the meetin on 22nd Feb 2012, all the state representatives will discuss this issue and put forward their recommendations. According to a recent article from Indian Express, the main issue of bringing about equalisation of the Class XII marks across the boards has been sorted out by a formula designed by the Indian Statistical Institute that would give “more representation” to states in the IIT system. The weightage formula seems to be based on the results of the last five years for all state board exams including CBSE and ICSE.

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  • susovan mahapatra says:

    so, in the end are we the examiners wud b benefitted or not?

  • susovan mahapatra says:

    would the examinees be benefitted by this?….i mean an aspirant of the IITjee would he be benefitted???

  • susovan mahapatra says:


  • Admin says:

    IseetIndia Team believes that yes, the ultimate beneficiary is the students. There is a plan to conduct ISEET twice a year and going forward more than two times in a year. This will relive pressure of a single window.

  • bindu says:

    Dont u think that it will be fair to introduce this ISEET from the year 2014 as students will get sufficient notice of 2 staudents who r in XIU will suffer for want of no fore warning of 2 years.

  • bindu says:

    Had the kids known from the year 2011 that theres going to b a common test on the lines of IIT and AIEEE, the nthey cud have prepared better.. now many of hem r preparing keeping in mind the MH CET exam which presumably will be a less complicated exam..Hence, we feel that ISEET should be introduced from 2014 and not 2013.

  • ravi says:

    wat about the aspirant who r atmptin for the second time?even their score in iseet is valid for 2 years?can they do a third atmpt in that 2 years interval?

  • shiva says:

    Please clear my doubt whether class 11th (XIth class) marks will be included in the assessment of ISEET 40% weightage ?

  • admin says:

    Shiva, the answer is no. As class 11th does not have board examinations and hence the normalization of marks will be very difficult. Class 11th marks will not be considered for iseet

  • arun d says:

    I don’t understand what is the hurry in implementing ISEET in 2013. It is still not kwown whether it will be success or a failure , but students should be given at least two years advance notice of any major changes in the education system. Those who are in class xii and working hard for good rank in IITJEE and AIEEE in 2013 still don’t know what kind of questions they would be facing in ISEET mains and ISEET Advance in 2013.It is very unfair for them. Secondly a foolproof system of cbse improvement exam system for board exams should be in place as Board exam marks are to be included.Further , it will be very hard for a student to get admission in IIT now as he has to get very high marks in Board and ISEET Mains to qualify for evaluation by IITs.And in ISEET Advance he has to be superb. Thus, enormous pressure will be put on a student trying for IIT in 2013. So what is all this talk of removing stress. An all india opinion poll should be taken on ISEET before imposing this sort of changes on student.

  • akshay T says:

    Sir, I have taken one chance of iit-jee in 2012 shold i m eligible for 2013. Secondly, if student secure less % in board & he/she is going for an improvement exam of cbse. is he is eligible to give improvement along with iseet & the improvement marks should be considered in 2013 or not.
    if not then it would be a problem for the students who would appear in the next year.

  • akshay T says:

    Improvement marks are included in Iseet or not?

  • nanda says:

    can i know the weightage for state board in iseet exam

  • Tiny says:

    sir, is i eligible after giving 2 iit-jee and aieee exam…
    Sir plz reply soon….

  • Tiny says:

    Sir can i iseet exam provided i already give my two attemps of IIT-jee and AIEEE…
    PLZ REPLY ME SOON ON MY E-mail ¡d….

  • Tiny says:

    Sir can i eligible for iseet exam provided i already give my two attemps of IIT-jee and AIEEE…
    PLZ REPLY ME SOON ON MY E-mail ¡d….

  • Samara says:

    yesc you are eligible for iseet. it gives 3chances


    sir i made an attempt in jee 2012 . can i give a second chance of attempt in 2013.

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