IIT Delhi in their Senate meeting on 21 June 2012 has passed a resolution rejecting the IIT Council proposal and decided to hold UG admissions on their own with like minded IITs. Here is the resolution passed by the senate:

With respect to the recent decisions on admissions to the undergraduate programs at the IITs, as proposed in IIT Council meeting of 12th May 2012 and the joint meeting of the councils of the IITs, NITs and the IIITs held on 28th May, 2012, the IIT Delhi Senate unanimously resolves that:

  1. These decisions, which are against the stated position of the Senate of IIT Delhi, impinge on the autonomy of IIT Delhi. Further, they are academically unsound and procedurally untenable. The Senate rejects the proposed admission procedure.
  2. For the year 2013, the IIT Delhi shall admit students to its undergraduate programs through an examination which will be on a pattern similar to the one used in IIT JEE 2012.
  3. For the above examination in 2013, as in earlier years, a committee is to be appointed by the Chairman Senate, IIT Delhi. This committee will coordinate the conduct of the above examination jointly with other IITs to the extent possible.
  4. For the year 2014 and beyond, Chairman Senate shall constitute a committee to review the IIT JEE examination.

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