ISEET, the Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test, will be the only entrance examination in India starting from 2013.

According to Indian Express, It will do away with multiple entrance examinations and reduce the stress levels of students. ISEET will have two parts, Main and Advance, each of three hours duration. Both tests will be given on the same day, between 10 am and 5 pm. ISEET 2013 will be held in either March or April.

ISEET Main will be an objective type exam, and will test comprehension, critical thinking and logical reasoning. ISEET Advance will test problem-solving ability in basic science subjects. The two tests together will indicate a candidate’s scholastic level and aptitude for science and engineering.

A student’s performance in the Class 12 Board exam will be considered, with a weight not be less than 40 per cent of the total score. The combined weightage for ISEET Main and Advance will not be more than 60 per cent; however, the weightage given to Board scores can go up to 100 per cent.

Each state government or institute will be able to decide the specific weight it gives to Board, Main and Advance exam scores. A committee headed by Dr T Ramasami, secretary in the Department of Science & Technology, has demonstrated with the help of the Indian Statistical Institute that school scores across various Boards can be normalized through a statistical process.–welcome-ISEET-from-2013/911645/

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  • saikrishna says:

    y the govt is saying good bye for eamcet and aieee. it is very bad. it is shame to the govt average people how they get on

  • vineeth says:

    iset is a good idea but weightage of 12 th should be 50+%atleast so that children give importance to the both..give it a thought….

  • palash says:

    useless decision!!!!hopeless govt of india .dont care about students efforts from past one year nd changing pattern at d 11th hr!!!i mean how do we prepare in so less time nw!!!completely pissed off!totally disapointed!!

  • palash says:

    vineet!!dude u hv lost ur senses!!!

  • Tahmina says:

    Its a good idea that govt is organising only one entrance test after 12th………i am happy with it

  • pradeep says:

    I am not happy with it i think this will reduce our aieee 3rd chance

  • niharika says:

    I passed 12 th this yr..can I think of taking drop? if yes..what shd I prepare for..iseet/iit-jee? because they are not making it clear about which exam will be held..

  • Melwin says:

    For 100% sure, in 2012-13 it will mostly be IIT-JEE existing style. Our govt. has a good reputation of declaring thing in advance, create a mess and then backdown. Since not all IIT’s are supporting the govt. decision, the ONE single exam decision will take atleast another year for the govt. and IIT’s to come to a joint agreement, till then it will be a blame-game and backdown plan devised by all. But given the history of govt. behavior, it will mostly backdown due to IIT’s and anticipating students pressue.

  • Amber says:

    Extremely senseless dscushn.yet govrmental bodies includin al other IITs excpt IIT kanpur,r in a state f disagreement 4 sch cnfusing and baseles decision,hw cn sch a ‘gudbye 2 IIT-JEE’ news b passd.better 2 keep carryin on ur preps 4 IITs,coj its rytly said dat indian govrnment is unpredictable.dey just knw hw 2 create a mes 4 aspirin minds,by nva providin a crystal clear decision in unison.ISEET huh..

  • prashant says:

    poorest idea!!!!!!!!!!!giving admission to iit collage that too on 40% weightage of 12th board will decrease quality of an iitan……………..

  • punk says:

    I want supreme court to interfere in the quarrel to clear the confusion.

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