We have been receiving a large number of queries from students asking about the confirmation on ISEET. We mentioned a few days back that ISEET may be shifted to 2014. However, there is lot of confusion over the fate of the examination. ISEET, the Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test, was supposed to be the only entrance examination in India for admission to engineering institutes.

As per a news report from Financial Express,  the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Council has planned a special meeting on 12th May to decide the their response on the common entrance test and come out with suggestions or alternatives. The meeting is also a build-up to the country’s highest education advisory body, Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), which is set to meet next month. As IseetIndia team reported few days back, there has been a series of opposition from IIT associated parties which has raise the doubts over the future of the examination.

Also IITs are apprehensive to let go of the management of the examination. As per the original plan, ISEET question paper was to be prepared by IITs but it was decided that CBSE will conduct the test. Now, there are doubts over the responsibility of IITs and CBSE.

We will keep you posted on the latest news on ISEET. Please keep checking the website.

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  • Ankit Bhutada says:

    Respected sir,
    Myself Ma. Ankit Bhutada. From Class 12th. Sir i want Information about NEET OR ISEET.And sir i am Confused in NEET and ISEET.
    After 12th which entrance exam is there for Engineering.So, please give information about that.
    Please sir.please reply me sir.
    Thank You sir.
    Your Faithful
    Ankit Bhutada

  • anurag says:

    will ISEET be implemented & wheather IIT be included in it? from which year it will be implemented?

  • Sandeep Kumar says:

    Sir I think ISEET can be more of failure than a sucess because then we will have only one engg entrance exam which means we have only one shot and 1 bullet..if somehow one’s exam didnt go well or someone misses the exam then his whole career gets spoiled whereas in present systemwe have JEE,AIEEE,BITSAT,VIT,STATE ENGG EXAMS…so if one xam goes bad u have a chance to do well in other…this new system will b more like do or die situation for us students…thatswhy i am against it…

  • murali kishore says:

    It is better to look at the positive aspects of the ISEET proposed. ISEET should be conducted from 2013 onwords. It will do away with multiple entrance examinations and reduce the stress levels of students

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      I dont know how all of u are saying that it will reduce the stress level…rather i think it will increase more pressure on students because of you have got only 1 oppurtunity to perform…if u didnt do well then boom…u wont get any good college..its more like everything or nothing…,do and die situation…you wont get any oppurtunities after…in todays system there are multiple exam of engg..so u have got chance to perform well..dont u think that students should get another chance to perform..plus idea of including board marks is also not good…u cant judge a student just on the basis of board marks….

      • vikas singh says:

        hey dude… we all have to give only 1 paper… so everyone already know that he/she should give his/her best performance ,simple… why u worrying so much about others… others know what they have to do so… u just think about yourself…

        • Sandeep Kumar says:

          hey man they are including board marks…think about those who are dropping 1 year for jee..they couldnt rectify their board numbers also..and also u cant judge a student on the basis of just one damn exam!!…

        • Sandeep Kumar says:

          i am thinking about myself only buddy thatswhy i am saying this….its going to affect the droppers seriously…it will be an disadvantage for us droppers…if they want to start iseet they should do it from 2014 or 2015 onwards…and i was just sharing my opinion buddy..why are you getting so much startled and irritated…???

  • Udit chatterjee says:

    Iit jee / aieee replaced by iseet.

  • Abhishek Patnaik says:

    ISEET is not at all goood. if its implemented then one has to seriosly do well in board to get 40% from that this will not bring up talented students in IITs and reputed institutes ,,as poor students of board will face problem although they have talent to compete in competitive exams
    on the other hand if there are separate entrance like IIT AIEEE BITSAT BHU
    then no stress on board and more focus on competitives which will bring up highly talented youths in institutions

  • Mr. X says:

    Im sure that this will degrade the IITs and its easy to predict that within 10 years government (or whoever is responsible for all this) will realize the mistake that has been done and will resort back to the good old IIT-JEE.


  • Aditya manglunia says:

    Sir today is 28th May so please tell us what was the final decision?
    please do reply..>

  • Ved says:

    Sir,my young brother has given 12th exam and got 71% .He is thinking of dropping one year and wants to try for iit entrance in 2013.tell me if he will be eligible for trying iit exam in iseet.plz rply .plz.

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      As he has given JEE in 2012, so only one attempt is gone. He is left with 2nd attemp so will be eligible for iseet in 2013.

  • hari krishnan says:

    whether ISEET will start from 2013 or 2014.. reply me so that we can prepare for the test

  • hari krishnan says:

    pls sir keep iseet in 2013…….sir….

  • Suraj Jaganathan says:

    Hello I just gave my class 12 boards and got 71% and i just gave my first attempt to JEE….Willi be eligible for ISEET 2013?…..will i Fae any problem?….Kindly answer my questions..

  • Mayank Rai Sharma says:

    I had planned drop this year. i want to ask whether 50% of my improved percentage will be counted or 50% of the older marks will be counted in boards

  • Mayank Rai Sharma says:

    I had planned drop this year. i want to ask whether 50% of my improved percentage will be counted or 50% of the older marks will be counted of boards

  • Harshita says:

    would a student passed 12th in 2012 and planning to take a drop have to give the same pattern of iseet or there is some different pattern for them, as some sources say?

  • siddhardha says:

    iseet will be held in 2013 or 2014

  • swathi sharma says:

    is there any common etranc exam? sir , y r u doing so late in giving the complete information about iseet or neet ?u r taking months together in saying ur decission . dat would be better if u say anything in the beginning of acadamic year itself , sorry sir these are our lives .plz tell anything quickly wat u suppose 2 convey

  • lalit kumar says:

    sir i passed 12 in 2011 am i eligible for iseet 2013

  • lalit kumar says:

    sir i passed 12 th in 2011 and i do coaching in 2012 now i want to apear in 12th one more time in 2013 am i eligible to iit 2013

  • Nikita shankar says:

    Sir,i have passed class 12 in 2012 with 75%. Am i elligible for iseet 2013 as according to the declaration held on 27 june,only top 20percentile in their respective boards will be considered .

  • AP says:

    sir I have taken drop this year, only for IIT.
    if anyone can convey anyhow to the council or any person related to this meetings please give them a suggestion to think for Droppers about weightage of 12th.
    plz do something…

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