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  • Utpal raj says:

    i want to repeat and would like to give iseet 2013 . Would it be suitable ?.
    i will get more than 80% in 12 th in CBSE 2012.
    Please suggest me .
    Yours sincerly

  • yashwanth says:

    keep the iseet xam on 2014

    • abhishek says:

      u r right bro………

      • mukul verma says:

        yes brdr…please tell someone to kapil sir that it’s a shock fr the students who are thinking of droping….because if they are not in toppers of board they’ll get only one chance…and every other batch had got 2 attempts

    • shiva.k.v says:

      why do u want iseet exam in the year of 2014?

    • rateesh says:

      i have passed my 12th in 2011 with 86% from state board will i eligible for iseet 2013?

    • Minal Ghule says:

      ds is absolutely right it must start frm 2014 n der vl b a chance for al d repeaters plz consider n thnk on d topic

  • priyanka says:

    plzzzzzzz………. conduct iseet from 2013 iam gud in my school studies and it wil b beneficial for me to crack iseet i want to ask u a question if iseet by chance wil conduct from 2014 & if drop a year will the 60 40 ratio still b there or i have to score gud in iseet & have to crack it

  • priyanka says:

    can u give us confirm report from which year iseet will b apply

  • Suraj says:

    WHEN WILL BE SART ISEET ?? WILL IT 2013 OR 2014???

  • abhishek says:

    i would like iseet exam to be conducted frn 2014……

  • murali kishore says:

    It is better to look at the positive aspects of the ISEET proposed. ISEET should be conducted from 2013 onwords. It will do away with multiple entrance examinations and reduce the stress levels of students.

  • Guru says:

    ISEEET is a good idea that has to be implemented this year and please don’t take IPE marks because a student may not be good in both.

  • mohd.fahim says:

    from which year iseet conducted either from2013 or from 2014

  • shruthi says:

    iseet should be made available for those who passed 12th in 2010,otherwise it would’nt be beneficial for those who are trying to get into good colleges and courses of their choice.iit exam had many no. of attempts a decade or so ago,so it gave many no. of people an opportunity to aim for a top college, i resent years the attemps have been decreased ,the syllabus is increased and so elaborate only 1 in every 40 people get into it,the focus of today’s pattern is to take in fastest scorers,who would not be able to achieve that feat without substancial coaching .and also a very few people get the opportunity to have good mentors and teachers.and the iits dont spcify any particular material and that provided in ncert books is not enugh as it is evedent from the fact that many cbse toppers could not get into iits and this poses a lot of stress and ambigity and importantly fear in many of the aspirants who do not make it.the real problem here is many don’t understand the potential many people have,they don’t get the proper guidance in time to crack iitjee,and they loose confidence.so if the hrd ministry really wants to releave the phycological stress the students face,then they must make the preparation for this exam more transparent and available to the common student .

  • nav says:

    i am passed my 12th in 2011 will i eligible for iit 2013

  • shah rukh khan says:

    i think, it not beneficial to have iseet from this year ,because it is going to add 50% from board exam ,and there are different pattern of checking in different states which we should not underestimate… i mean there are many states in which students hardly gets 70-80% on the other hand we have states in which a student can easily get 90-95%… so this should not happen.

  • AYUSH says:


  • Ananya sharma says:

    Hey!! can you say about pattern and level of paper of both jee main & advance sinceiit’s is setting the paper..??? please help me frds i am in dilemma….waiting for reply..

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      ISEET main will be a objective based examination. However, ISEET advanced will be set by IITs. As we know IITs usually announce the pattern very near to the actual date, so we will have to wait.

  • Manikantan Lakshman says:

    For disable person can write in ISEET within extra hour . i think of my 2nd PUC will be mininmum 30-40 % and ISEET main and advance will not need maximum as 70 %.but ISEET will be perfect 30% -50% and entrance engineer as IITs ,IIITs, NITs , and other govt engineer college .

  • Ujjawal says:

    Can I give the iseet exam next year I have passed 12th in 2011

  • Ujjawal says:

    My marks was 87%.

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      If you have already given two attempts for IIT JEE, then you may not be allowed. However, there is still a confusion over this point and IITs should issue a notification over the same soon.

      • shruthi says:

        but i heard that there would be 6-7 attempts for iseet with a gap of 6 months ,but the eligibility is not decided,if this exam is to serve as a comon test for engineering and also since the state exams are sacked,it should be drafted in such a way that it doesnt affect anyone,and also the aiee attemps have been decreased withiut prior notice in 2011 .please inform us about the eligibilit criteria as we have to decide upon the future course of action on weather we have a chance to take the iseet or join a college this year.since the counselling dates have begun for various colleges.getting the decision out in the public soon ,makes all the difference.please iseet india team help us.and can those who gave 2010 boards can write iseet 2013 and apply for iit? please reply soon………

        • smks says:

          just try to put your opinion that the students with 10+2 must get a chance to attempt iseet and that also in the year 2013 bcause stress was among us and we were effected .what is the purpose if iseet is not being beneficial to the droppers.

          just by sitting and thinking will not help .just raise ur voice and make as many people aware as possible through different different websites.lets put our 100% in this since it is a matter of our career.

          a lot of people r working towards this and r trying to bring this notification .aware people as much as u can ….
          this will really bring +ve results

  • Ravi says:

    I hav passed 12th in 2011 ,am i appear for ISEET 2013 ?

  • sam says:

    i am now studying in second year inter. my board is ssc. can i know if only my 12th board result would be considered for the weightage or combined result of both 11th and 12th????

  • nav says:

    i passed my 12th in 2011 will i eligible for iit 2013

  • nav says:

    i passed my 12th in 2011 will i eligible for iseet

  • Ananya sharma says:

    THANK U !! ISEET team ……
    but i want to know that will questions ISEET advance be of iit level or aieee level…..plz let me know..

  • bikash says:

    sir, please note my points

    1- engeering needs good knowledge in science, then why should a student forcibly have to put his interest in literature to score 90+ to increase his all over%… suppose a student is brilliantly strong in science but not in literature ,,what shall he do…he may loose the chance to qualify first 50k due to few board %.

    2-if sibbal wants that student should get into iit with good board %,,then rather he should increase eligibility of board % ( say instead of 60,it should be 80),,but accounting board %,,then the students will be in race to get maximum %age,,,it will create a great stress..

    3- due to iseet there will be greater malpractices in board sytem,,,even in our state,,,if u pay 30 to 40k to a broker who haave hands in board council, he wil get his desired board %.

    4- it will be single option ,,, ie hit n try…or wait for next semi year.bt the admsions are done only once in a yera,,so what is the need conduct iseet twice a year….even the scores will also valid for next two years,,,will create a greater chaos..n stiff competetion.

    5-if a student is much brilliant n deserves iit ,, but he doesnot qualify to top 50k due to lack in few point board percent,,, but he does extremely well in advnc test..and his allover iseet score is greater than top 50k students,,but he doesnot get into iit,it will be a great injustice with him..

    sir please,,,mark my points///. thank you

  • ashish kumar says:

    i can,t understood why sibbal is doing such a change if he think that by doing it he can ban coaching he is absolutely wrong in order to achive a high perctage student,s will join coaching coaching institute replace iit prepration by board prepration ..

  • anish says:

    sir please tell that does droppers who have given cbse 12th 2012 have to write improvement board paper of all subject or the ones we want

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      CBSE will issue a detailed rules and conditions notification soon. We will have to wait for the same in order to get clarification on this point.

  • yuggi says:

    sir please inform us about elligibility for iseet sir can we attempt iseet 3 times as aieee and as we attempted aieee 2 times can we attend iseet 2013

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      There is some confusion over this point, however the number of attempts should remain same for the students. We will keep you posted as soon as a notification is released on this point.

  • sumit kumar says:

    sir i have given improvement exam in 2012 can i also give board in 2013.

  • Harshita says:

    would the pattern of iseet be same for those who passed 12th in 2012?

  • GOKUL ACHIN says:

    sir, whether ISEET takes account on improved marks by writing improvement xam in cbse?


    It will not only reduce the stress of the students but would put them in depression as they have only one chance to clear the exam even if they are ill and could not encash the only chance due to reasons whatsoever may be.I am also unable to understand why the politicians are interfering in the structure of the education whereas they have been given a chance to serve the people for a period of 5 years. Anna’s suggestion regarding “Right to Recall” should also be accepted in the same manner as such types of bills take sufficient time i.e. years to years to implement whereas the matter relatiing to future of students take few days for the implementation.Moreover, at that time when most of the IITs and IITs almuni are not accepting the said change of single engineering exam.It is my suggestion, if they want to change the system, the dropper students must be given a chance to clear the exam in the old system.

    • Sumit Yadav says:

      Completely agree.

    • Om prakash says:

      Its tru iseet will put student in depression especially droppers and student who r preparing for jee in kota it will adversly affect them

    • sneha soni says:

      i think u are neglecting the point that iseet will be held twice or even thrice a year……so i if u were ill or wasn’t able to get a decent score in the first attempt…..there is no point to be disheartened….there would be another chance!

    • Palash Rammaiya says:

      I m completely agree with you bro !!

  • pooja says:

    sir,the iits are opposing iseet 2013.
    1)what is the probability that it gets pushed to 2014?
    2)what will the syllabus be for iseet?
    3)does bitsat come under iseet?
    4)can a person do 1st year engg and simultaneously repeat 12th?
    pls guide urgently thnk u

    • iseet says:

      2.60 percent coaching syllabus
      40 percent 12th with good approach
      4.yes but i am
      not sure 100 percent

    • priya says:

      no if take admission in 1st yr then…u r not eligible to give 12th board again..or any improvememt..

  • tripurari thakur says:

    my younger brother have just passed 12th & got 59% marks aggregate.is this good for him ? if yes then how many chance for him to appear in exam?

  • avishek says:

    sir, what will be criteria for admission from in good private colleges like thaper university,patiala from next year……..plz inform me soon becoz i deciding to repeat

  • Navika sharma says:

    Sir any advice for droper

  • Akhilesh Pandey says:

    sir in morning(5th june)i have read comments made by ISEETindia team that….those who passed 12 in 2011 are also applicable to give ISEET 2013…now in evening i found all these comments are deleted…what is going on yr

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      Hi Akhilesh, We said that we believe that students from 2011 should be allowed to give iseet in 2013 however there is no official notification. Also, as you may have already utilized your two attempts for IIT, you may not be eligible for IIT shortlist. However, let us clarify once again that there is no official notification regarding this issue. The rules of the examination are usually decided sometime close to the examination.

  • navika sharma says:

    sir any hope that it pushed to 2014 will pm give support to iit alumnii,please rply sir

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      There are multiple news- asking PM for support, moving to court, boycott the preparation. We understand that it is leading to confusion but in case court disapproved the new format, they will go back to old.

      • Arohi says:

        sir, this is really not done as the students who had passed there 12th in 2011 still have there one attempt left for aieee how you people can ignore this? Not for IITs but they are still eligible for NITs and many students are hoping for it so please consider this point also .life of many students depends on your decision so please think upon it . It shouldn’t happen that in process of decreasing the burden of studies you people spoil the future of many students please think over this

  • sameer says:

    hello sir,i obtained 66% marks overall and 52% marks in pcm
    now u tell me :
    1- am i eligible to give iseet?
    2- if i fill cbse improvement forms and improve my m,arks to 85% then tab bhi kya main iseet de saktaa hoon?
    3- sir ,if two students clear iseet exam bt one had only 66% marks in board and other boy had 90% marks in board ,then tell me WHICH ONE IS SELECT “1st boy OR 2nd boy”
    4- sir kya aisa nhi ho sakta ki 12th k marks naa jode jaaye because TALENT KO MARKS SE NHI NAAPA JAA SAKTA?

  • Mustafa Naim says:

    I don’t know all abt this but every time every day i m getting confused….Whether it is iseet or normal eamcet…coz i m prp for 2013 eamcet + aieee…I want a perfect guaranteed answer whether the answer is yes or no….If Iseet is der for 2013 the release a news in tv or in newspaper on main page….Please give d answers…

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      iseet will be there in 2013.[for iit, iiit, nit]
      Will AP have iseet or eamcet for state engineering colleges? Yet not decided.

  • Anushka says:

    if weightage of 12th board marks is not considered for NEET, then why it is only for ISEET?

  • Vaibhav says:

    I am gseb board student. ISEET will be in 2013? it will be in gujarati for gujarat state students? please give answer…

  • geetha sri says:

    Thank you so much ISEETIndia Team. Really you are doing a great job keeping us updated with the latest information about ISEET. Really you are too helpful. Thank you so much.

    As a student preparing for national wide engineering entrance examinations, i feel ISEET is a very good idea. i’m very happy for that. The examination pattern, the syllabus, everything till now announced about ISEET is great.I feel it’s perfect.I would like request the Indian authorities to implement it from 2013 itself. It would be great.

    Anyaways thank you so much once again to ISEETIndia Team for the great help you are doing. May GOD bless you to continue your wonderful job. Thank you so much.

  • himanshu says:

    sir i have 12th in 2011 can i give iseet 2013?

  • Pankaj says:

    Respected sir, i have clear 12th in 2011. Admission process for b.sc will be close soon in mumbai. I wanted to appear for aieee 2013. Now what should i do, pursui b.sc or wait for notification of iseet(to confirm that i am eligible or not). Please replly sir.

  • Akhilesh Pandey says:

    hello sir, as u have already suggested me about the entrance(ISEET)…will u plz help me in suggesting per subject(P C M)atmost 2 to 3 books..so that in the remaining 1 year it will be best for me….i me egarly waiting for ur reply. have a nice day sir..and plz make my day too nice.thanxx

  • jayesh says:

    hello sir, as we know that in aieee we get 3 consecutive attempts & in iit we get 2 attempts as i am the student of batch 2011 can i get one attempt in iseet for the NITss.

  • Aniruddh says:

    in which month will iseet take place in 2013??

  • Aniruddh says:

    will there be questions on aptitude in the mains paper?

  • basu says:

    sir i want to know that will iseet consider cbse improvement marks or previous year marks .plz plz reply.i am in a great confusion

  • priya says:

    sir i passed class 12th this year..i want to give improvement next year for better performance in iseet.will improvement marks will be considered in iseet.please reply.

  • Ashish says:

    Sir, before a month it was in news that iseet will be effective in 2014. Students who passed 12th this year made there plans according to it. ISEET 2013 has snatched the option for taking a drop from students who could not score good in 12th. improvement test will increase the pressure. I agree that ISEET is a good idea, but its a request from thousands of students to apply it in 2014. please help us.

  • Vineet sharma says:

    Totally agree with ashish. . .please help us sir

  • akshay T says:

    iseet will be there in 2013 or not. Please give sir us the proper answer.

    Can i give my cbse board exams again or not. because i passed in 2012 with gainig 83% marks.

  • as says:

    sir 1-iseet conform or not.

  • Minal Ghule says:

    i just want to say plz consider that ppl who wants to repeat n f u want to claim waitage in board exams then r they askd to appear again for boards….just a request plz make the deal fair the ppl who lost their iitjee 2012 by very less marks n cn du it in d next consecutive year,,,,,plz iseet team n sibbal sir think for thev repeaters they got mor challenges to face then d on going persons

  • aditya aarya says:

    resp sir,
    I am one of the candidate who scored 70 % marks in my board exam.
    Sir by some reason i lost my iit and now i want to repeat for iit.
    But now iseet is arrived.
    So what should i do. Can i repeat ?
    Plz suggest me.and if i repeat will it be beneficial to me or not.

  • bhavesh says:

    is it confirmed that there will be cet from 2013
    or different iits will have their own admission tests

  • ajay gangwar says:

    sir please inform us about elligibility for iseet sir can we attempt iseet 3 times as aieee and as we attempted aieee 2 times can we attend iseet 2013 when rules of iseet will come

  • pooja sinha says:

    i appeared for 12th in 2012 n i scored 78% m planning to drop and try aieee n iit next year..
    is aieee under iseet program?????

  • nav says:

    sir , i want to something about iseet,

    1]will iseet conduct twice in an year.
    2}if it will then there is toal number of attempt in iit is four so is 2011 12th passed student will give iseet for iit .
    3}if a student get a top rank in iseet then would it will be applicable for iit 2013.this student is 2011 12th passed.
    3}and the last one is would 2011 12th passed student have a chance to going in nits.
    sir please reply me i am very tense about pattern and only your suggesation give me a way

    • Suresh says:

      No, You are not eligible for IIT and/or NIT. You have wasted your two consecutive attempts.

      BTW: I am also in a similar situation as you.

  • chatrapathi says:

    sir, what is the future of inter students who had appeared 11 class board exams in 2012 regarding this consider the following points
    1}will the betterment marks will be considered or not?
    2}will iseet replace all engineering entrances ?
    3}what will be the final weightage given to board exams?

  • A says:

    Hi, what was the court decision regarding iseet? I’m wondering about the number of attempts allowed for iseet and will iit be forced to consider you if you have passed the iseet exam but have already attempted iit jee twice? Or atleast please let me know what the current scenario is? I thought the decision was to be made by the court on 6th June. Today is 10th june. What is the current scenario?

    • Suresh says:

      Why do you want to drop for 2 years? Believe me, it is not worth it. Even if you get an NIT, top companies (Infosys, TCS, HCL Tech, Wipro) would still not hire you as they only allow a maximum gap of 1 year. It is much better to do engineering from a private college as then, you will at least be eligible for top jobs.

  • niharika says:

    I passed 12 th this yr..can I think of taking drop? if yes..what shd I prepare for..iseet/iit-jee? because they are not making it clear about which exam will be held..

  • alka wankhade says:

    sir I live in the rural area like wasim please tell me that whether iseet is going on from 2013

  • Atif says:

    Iseet will destroy iits.
    Stop ISEET,Save IITs

  • pratik says:

    keep iseet in2014 and no board weithage should be their

  • Bharath says:

    Sir,please make it sure whether ISEET is confirmed for this year or not
    because the students who are planning for long term are waiting for whether ISEET is there or not…
    please leave me a reply as soon as possible sir

  • lalit says:

    I qualified my 12th in year 2011 and applied twice for iit and nit Can i go for iit or nit through ISEET examination ?? Plz rply me.

  • Suresh says:

    Students of 2011, do not think of dropping this year. It is not worth it. Even if you get a top NIT, top companies (Infosys, TCS, HCL Tech, Wipro) would still not hire you as they only allow a maximum gap of 1 year. So, you will get a low-paying job at best.

    If you go for higher studies (MBA, MTech and IAS), it will be much difficult to justify these 2 years in interviews.

    It is much better to do engineering from a private college as then, you will at least be eligible for top jobs and higher studies from top colleges.

  • Suresh says:

    Mr. Amit Jain, please update this post to include latest news. Sir, I would also like to know about some private colleges in Hyderabad that you think are good. I have already taken admission but I don’t think the college is that good. Also, sir, can I contact you on your phone number 950287****.

  • Misbah says:

    will iseet be held in 2013!!??? is it confirmed??????

  • monu says:

    agar sibbal ko coching band karwani hai to itna nawtanki kyu, wo nit or iit me direct admision le. Coching apne aap band ho gaygi.

  • junaid khan says:

    sir it is good for all student that iseet pospond2014

  • junaid khan says:

    very bad

  • ajay gangwar says:

    please tell me about number of attempts in iseet exam

  • shubham says:

    Respected Sir,
    It will be very difficult for repeaters to face the new pattern of exam,so I request you that you should take iseet iseet in 2014.

  • rahul says:

    there is also a proposal to host a second exam in december for the one who are not able to perform well in exam which will be held in april ……..so now what about repeaters in 2013 will they get the third chance….???

  • tejeshwar says:

    what about iseet??? the discussion going on tensing me alot what abt our batch 2013 please take immediate action so we can lose tense and participate in competative xams

  • raman says:

    sir i have attemted JEE and AIEEE twice ….my 1 attempt for AIEEE is remaining …..plz tell me
    can i appear in iseet 2013…….

  • gayathri says:

    Sir,i’m totally confused. I appeared for my 12th exams this year,2012. I passed with a percentage of 81. I’m planning to drop and give IIT and AIEEE next year. Many people whom i’ve consulted suggested me not to drop because of this new pattern. And different proposals are arising,just as Mr.Rahul said,an exam in December. So would you please confirm the news about ISEET as soon as possible. Please. Is there any news that is confirmed as of now? Kindly let me know.

  • dd says:

    hopeless decision … increasing da pressure .. no chance for droppers if not scored good in boardzzzz…:(

  • prakhar says:

    hey iseet is the best way to combat coachings.it has given sword in the hands of unpriveleged students.

  • Sonu says:

    Sir,i hv passed 12th in 2011,can i appear iseet 2013.and get selected for iit.pls rply soon.

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      We think that you have already utilized the two attempts at IIT. If so, then you may not be eligible. However, the official details on number of attempts for new exam is not out yet.
      However, you should be eligible for other colleges as AIEEE allowed 3 attempts.

  • srinivas raghav says:

    sir please confirm regarding iseet decision even we have to prepare for whether normal iit jee or iseet??? plz make it faster everyone is confused please make it fast and make it clear whether it is implemented from 2013 or not please pleaseplease please please please……………..

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      The decision is confirmed. But, now we have resistance from IITs. We believe that both the parties, IIT and HRD, will come to a middle ground to solve this issue. We will update you once the issue is resolved.

  • Aastha says:

    Sir,I have passed my 12th from state board and have secured 78% and I am planning to take drop.I want to know that wether am i eligible for iseet??
    will iseet really happen in 2013??
    please reply soon sir…..your reply is anxiously awaited!!!

    • ISEETIndia Team says:

      78% seems to be very high compared to eligibility criteria. You will be eligible.

      • Sandeep Kumar says:

        What about admission to NIT’s..???would they follow the 20 percentile rule..???i hope not..I got 76 % in 12 boards..even i m planning to take a drop…will i be able to give JEE for IIT..??

      • garima pande says:

        if a student is not eligible in 20 percentile students will he or she will be elgible for nit

  • Aastha says:

    But you didn’t told wether iseet will be conducted this year or not??

  • DINKAR SINGH says:


  • shubham jain says:



  • Harshita says:

    I want to know if state entrance exams would also be merged in ISEET or not.

  • rakesh choudhary says:

    sir,i appear 12th in 2011,can i apply for iseet2013

  • shubham says:

    sir we request you to not implement iseet from 2013 as we were not awre of it, and our future will be in dark if iseet comes. please sir .
    thank you.

  • arun says:

    sir isset will put more pressure on us we have only 1 chance i.e. our borad results as iseet is giving 40% weightage. so please sir we all are happpy with our old tradition. thank you.

  • murali kishore says:

    Students are mentally prepared for ISEET 2013. Therefore, ISEET should be conducted from 2013 onwards. It is better to look at the positive aspects of the ISEET proposed. It will do away with multiple entrance examinations and reduce the stress levels of students.

  • garima pande says:

    sir i have one attempt of aieee can i give isset 2013… and i am no in a list of 20 top percentile students will be i am eligible for nit

  • garima pande says:

    sir i am not in a list of 20 top percentile students will be i am eligible for nit

  • paul mickey says:

    sir,i have cleared my 12th exam this year i.e.2012,whether the board will include 2012 student in its 20 percentile student’s list,,otherwise 2012 batch will not be able to give advance test,iseet as it is mandatory to get the name in the list after qualifing main test,plz help

  • garima pande says:

    who has not 20 percentile will not eligible for iit … but what about nit

  • popiay says:

    aieee ko to baksh do?we are against iseet.take iseet from 2014.droppers ki to socho!!!!!why should one give improvement if he/she scored first division????

  • Shubham Gupta says:


  • prithvi says:

    sir will the students will given another chance to appear for boards in 2013,who taken exam in 2012.plz reply soon or will they have to take an improvement exam as iseet is including 20 percentile.

  • garima pande says:

    atleast rply yar… if a student is not eligible for iit ranking on basis of percentile what about nits …
    reply soon if any one has knowledge about that… pls…….

  • tanuj says:

    accordining to hitvada there is no change for any formlities, but, is aptitude included for iit entrance.

  • kundan kumar says:

    please tell about syllabus of iseet

    • JEEHelpline Team says:

      Dear Kundan, the syllabus for the examination is yet not announced. CBSE is expected to announce the details in August.

      • garima pande says:

        suppose a student clear main but is not in top 20 percentile students then he or she will be eligible for advance and can select in nit through its ranking

  • deepak mehta says:

    sir i am 12th passed in 2012 can i eligible for iseet 2013 after scoring 66% in pcm….

  • avinash rao says:

    I passed 12th in 2011 with 68% board marks. Am i eligibile for ISEET 2013 to take admission in NIT plz reply me soon because i want to join coaching. and in can’t judge what should i do, councling of aieee of this year to join college or am doing preparation of iseet please reply me soon. My career and my life depend on my this eligible for iseet 2013 to join any NIT in 2013

  • karan says:

    suppose a student clear main but is not in top 20 percentile students then he or she will be eligible for advance and can select in nit through its ranking

  • Rishabh says:

    Sir,i have passed 12th with 80% from mp board in 2012. can i eligible for iit.. please tell me sir..please.

  • gaurav mishra says:

    sir i have given 12th exam this year and score 70%cbse and 72% in pcm can i give iit exam by giving improvement exam is for this year improvement exam benfitial

  • gaurav mishra says:

    sir i have given 12th exam this year and score 70%cbse and 72% in pcm can i give iit exam by improvement

  • annanya says:

    is that true iit delhi is opposing the new format… pls tell that it’s a final decision or not

  • garima pande says:

    is that true iit delhi is opposing the new format… pls tell that it’s a final decision or not

  • Sanjay says:

    Are the 2011 passed out students eligible for iseet 2013 for nit?

  • Aniruddha Zalani says:

    i have got 80% in class 12 cbse board so according to the new format am i be eligible to get into top 20 percentile or should i repeat class 12.

  • shravan says:

    Place tell weather ISEET exam is confirmed and if yes what is the weight age will be taken. 11&12th marks will be considered or only 12 marks will be taken…

  • mohit says:

    sir i passed1 12 in 2011.can i eligible iseet for nit. i listen that main and advance both test based only pcm.is it really

  • saiteja says:

    sir plz consider only secondyear marks plz otherwise iwont be getting iit……… getting into iit my dream plz help me sir……….

  • jatin agarwal says:


  • shivam says:

    i had got 70% in cbse2012 am i eligible for nit or which exam would nit consider mains or advance

  • ashu says:

    I passed 12th (in 2012,73% marks).I badly need official notifications(specially about droppers) for ISEET 2013 for my further studies.please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • Narayana Murthy says:

      yes,if you are eligible for exam and clear jee main u will be admitted to nits acc. to merit list but acc. to the info. u are not eligible for iit as it is 77.8% for cbse general …….

  • himanshu says:

    i what would be level of question paper. is it competitive or simple ? because this year iam not doing foundation course this year a

  • aditya says:

    I agree to mr.sibal that he want to do something for india.
    He said that one nation one exam i agree.
    Then my question is why not one syllabus ?
    Can u answer mr.sibal ?
    And you want to put board marks in iseet.
    Pehle sab states ka syllabus ek karo aur socho.
    Ya phir hamare career ke sath unhi khelto raho.

  • popiay says:

    please give official notification about iseet and campaign against iseet 2013 or anything new from 2013.help droppers.

  • aditya says:

    i am also a dropper.
    Help us plz.

  • rohan says:

    I want know from you is that is state jee will be held or not.

  • garima pande says:

    sir pls i want to know if i clear main but i am not in 20 percentile student can i sit in advance for nit.. pls reply fast i beg u

  • Palash Rammaiya says:

    Sir, can u help me out with this system ! I passed my 12th CBSE with 81% and PCM 73.3% in 2012.
    I wanted to take drop May I able to give main and advance for ISEET. Should I take drop or not?
    What would be the syllabus for ISEET? How much weightage will be given to 12th board exam ?
    Reply fast, I’ll take drop or not depends on ISEET
    Rply fast plzzzzz

  • utkarsh says:

    i am doing diploma in electronics 2nd year.
    Is i’m eligible according to this new pattern

  • Joy Blessings says:

    I appeared 2012 Pune Board(73%) and MHT-CET(PCM 70 Marks).Am i eligible for ISEET 2013 Main? What is the % percentage required for droppers of 2012 to eligible IIT JEE ? Students Who will appear 2013 ISEET required to come in top 20% but what is the percentage criteria required to eligible IIT JEE for droppers ?Am i eligible IIT JEE 2013?
    If i eligible for ISEET then how the board will treat my board 2012 score percentage and 2013 CBSE board percentage to determine top 20% percentile?
    And how the admission process work for getting admission of droppers?
    Pls reply I am confused and i have not more time.

  • Rounak says:

    Sir i want too know that if i repeat for a year wil i be eligible for writin iseet my % is 89.9

  • Kamlakar dadge says:

    Hi sir,please tell me from which year iseet will be start? I have got in 12th class 55% and 47%(141 in pcm)in pcm. Please tell me i am eligible for iseet

  • harshita says:

    hello sir,i am 12th std let me know how inter marks are consider for iseet, because in andhra pradesh both 1st and 2nd year are considered.but for all other states 12th is considered.

  • tannya seth says:

    i have passed boards in year 2011 .am i eligilble for aieee and state enginerring. i got 62% and 50.33% in pcm.suggest me what should i do?>

  • neha says:

    when will the model question papers be launched

  • Gourang says:

    sir, i m able to score only 70 % in 12th.. as these marks were not so important… but now i want to appear for iseet… so, am i eligible for this ?? if so.. then will these marks affect me during admisson ?? or are ther any differnt rules for repeaters ??

  • surya says:

    sir….plz plz …is it beneficial 2 who are taking long term..i m very much confusing…i l take long term are not by u r decision..plz reply fast sir

  • surya says:

    can anyone answer 2 my question???

  • pranay says:

    Sir,2012 cbse exam me 55% k sath passout hu…mene is sal drop liya h…me improvement bhar raha hu….kya me 2013 IIT k liye appicable hu….agar me 70% above le aata hu to……..

  • bilal says:

    sir please will u tell me what is the cut off of isc, and will isc would tke top 4 subject marks.. plaese rply sir.
    thank you

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